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Creating learning strategy

Learning is serious business, and managing knowledge is critical to businesses.

Organizations assume that everyone learns equally well. In the fast-changing business context where employees need to both learn and unlearn-to-learn continuously, the “learning index” is a metric that is very important, as is the “learning style” of an individual.

Learning strategies are more than training calendars and training budgets. They stem from business vision, priorities and goals and juxtapose current capabilities and future needs. Mindmetrics understands a systematic approach of diagnosing future needs and challenges and creating learning strategies that take into account the skill gap, the diversity of people, the preferences of learning and the use of time and technology optimally to design custom learning strategies for organizations: content, the process of learning and measuring the deployment of learning.

Learning strategies of organizations must take this into account and come up with ‘different strokes for different folks”. Our facilitators are well trained in the use of most reliably used Psychometrics measurement tools for assessment of learning index of employees. We replace the so-called training calendar of an organization with an “experience planner” as all learning solutions need to be made experiential to be successful in resulting in improved work behavior or output.

That is not all: A strategy that combines a continuous learning approach, with consistent knowledge management will lead to a self-learning organization. Mindmetrics offers to build knowledge management systems customized to organizations using blended learning technologies to ensure self-learning and continuous learning.

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