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NLP based Peak Performance

NLP helps one to deliver peak performance by understanding the way one’s own biochemistry works and taking control of the brain-body coordination. It also gives insights into the way beliefs shape our behavior and liberating ourselves from self-imposed limitations to be the best one can be.

• Decreasing Stress
• Increasing Confidence
• Understanding How one’s Brain Works
• Overcoming Fears And Phobias
• Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs
• Building Habits Of A Success Mindset

Emotional Intelligence

EI is an area often relegated mistakenly to a “soft skill” side. In reality, research has now established the significant role EI plays in every aspect of individual behavior, especially in cognitive areas such as decision making, risk evaluation etc. It has also established the primacy of EI as a factor in leadership success. The course details the impact on 18 brain talents, identifying areas of emotional strength and developmental areas, and methods of improving these areas, leading to personal effectiveness and creation of defense-free behavior. useful as feedback as well as input for business coaching

Thinking Preferences & Brain Mapping

The offering is developed from principles of Nobel Prize-winning studies in Brain functions. Using psychological inventories to map preferred thinking patterns of individuals, the course provides participants with an opportunity to understand their implications on communication, decision-making styles, and compatibility levels. Useful in high conflict situations to distinguish personal style clash from role clash, and an exhaustive post-course workbook helps participants make the changes that are useful.

Corporate Citizenship

An organization is a brand in itself, and is best exemplified by its employees, but only if there is a unifying value. Organizational values, when carried forth with pride by employees, leads to internal brand efficacy. This offering includes a culture survey. The workshop focusses on delineating organizational values, understanding cultural parameters in a force field format to identify drivers of the business, debrief survey results, and train change agents in fostering the desired culture and defining Mores. Useful for fostering specific values and flagging undesired ones and creating pride in employees. The course leads to changes in procedures as well, in order to institutionalize learnings.

Aspirational Workshops

A hands-on 3-D strategy course for Top management team and leaders, more used to visualizing than listening to lectures and watching PPTs. Uses Lego Serious play tools to actually build scenarios and strategies and lead discussions in elevating the definition of business to the best that it can be, through a series of guided exercises.

Team Development Programs

Using Belbin’s concepts, these offering assists members to understand processes going on within teams, understanding requirements for powerful teams, measuring effectiveness on various aspects of team performance, identifying excellence and improvement areas, the stage of team development the team is in, and moving them to maturity stage. It helps the team members navigate difficulties in bonding with greater awareness, using inventories for understanding difficult stages.

Team Composition & Task Mapping

Using Belbin’s concepts, the offering assists members to understand processes going on within teams, understanding requirements for powerful teams, assessing individuals for various team characteristics and evaluating skills gaps in teams, overlaying job-role-person measures and reconstituting teams based on skill and job requirement. Useful for new teams, agile groups, special task forces and for teams that need to be rejuvenated.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Programs

This offering explores Interpersonal effectiveness and stresses, tendencies using concepts of Johari window, force field, conflict management styles of individuals. Helpful as self-awareness, and developmental tool. Data based learning, coming from individual’s profiles and situational responses is done using Teleometric tools. Useful for team leaders, underperforming teams or teams with inter-team conflict. The course uses assessments, metered exercises, explores conflicts arising from roles and allows for resolutions by individuals themselves.

Team Effectiveness Programs

This is an offering that is 100% contextual, for historically conflicting functions like sales vs. service, production vs. inventory etc., bringing about mutual appreciation and role-based negotiation that helps to create effective processes and behavior patterns. The fully interactive process that ends in teams arriving at concrete implementation strategies and work methods will reduce conflict. Helps improve organizational processes as well as bringing about interdepartmental harmony.

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