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Corporate governess has a primary role in protecting share holder value and accountability, yet it has far reaching impact on other areas such as balancing economic and social values of the company, improving performance and accountability, and laying the foundations for succession and sustainability of organizations. It is imperative to ensure that governance is effective, irrespective of the size of the organization. Surveys assist in measuring this effectiveness.

Governance surveys usually are done during the change of management, acquisitions, and mergers or due diligence inquiries. Sometimes they are also done prior to succession planning, or preparation of competing for Industry awards. The process of governance and the perception of governance are two different aspects.

We design surveys based on the nine pillars of governance, to assess compliance to acceptable norms, and effectiveness of utilization of governance procedures. Some levels of the disclosure can be formal or informal is some cases; an audit is usually supplemented by a survey among stakeholders.

Results of the survey assist in making the organization compliant and in educating stakeholders on governance procedures.

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