A subsystem of the organization is function/department. While appraisal of individuals or total businesses are common, departmental effectiveness is only done sporadically or as part of quality audit process. These surveys go beyond auditing compliance to measuring achievement of functional goals.

We design the survey based on the concept of internal /external customers and each function/department in the organization is rated by the internal customer of the function.

The parameters on which they are evaluated are based on the Functional and business KPIs.

Inputs from these surveys help to manage expectations of customers as well as to improve the performance of the function and promote a better appreciation of each other’s functions within the organization by publishing dashboards.

Different scales that are tested for reliability and validity are used. If the set of values have not been used on a reliable scale that already exists, a new scale is constructed, tested statistically for reliability and validity to be used.

All surveys are administered online, with a debriefing before, and are expected to be filled in anonymously except for function/ department. Results are collated in clusters as well as in aggregate to design appropriate remedial measures, or as input to a larger change management program.

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