We offer a range of behavioural and competency assessments, linked to job competencies. Rather than offer this as a standalone service, Mindmetrics offers to map the organizational DNA, JOB DNA and map them onto individual maps, thus identifying developmental areas in individuals, as well as gaps in organizational competency that can be bridged.

360 Degree Feedback

Mindmetrics was one of the first organizations to use 360 degree feedbacks two decades ago. A developmental tool for leaders, which gives valuable data from self, reporters, bosses, and customers on critical behaviours, the complexity of this tool lies in the way it needs to be designed, administered, de briefed and tied to changes in the work behaviour of the respondent. This calls for trained coaches, credible anonymous administrative mechanism and post feedback develop mental plans. Mindmetrics deals with different instruments, handpicked for different structures and cultures of organizations, and ties the feedback to effective coaching mechanisms


In the case of leaders and senior management, often is the case where they have been exposed to the best of training and work challenges, and yet have not unlocked their full potential. It is no secret that it is lonely at the top. Senior leaders often struggle to balance between participatory style and confidentiality and are in need of a neutral sounding board. Often, wisdom lies within. However, some engagement with a trusted and respected neutral party who uses a structured process to bring out the latent wisdom helps the thinking process.

Executive coaching : Is aimed at helping senior executives fulfil their goals and providing the perspective and support in which to think aloud and tease out solutions. Mindmetrics offers “executive to coach” structure, as well as a tripartite “executive to organizational leader to coach” linkage. The process in the first case is direct client to coach, and the coaching goal is aimed at supporting the individual to fulfil his role obligations and in the second case the boss of the coachee or a prescribed stakeholder will also be involved. The coaching goal here is to help the coachee fulfil stakeholder specified goals

In this case, the structured process of world class coach Marshall goldsmith stakeholder centred coaching (copyrighted) is followed. In either case measurable and verifiable improvements are agreed upon with clients.

Life skills coaching: work life balance is a topical issue these days and several organisations do not have internal bandwidth to address these challenges of employees, as stresses may arise not directly out of work, that impact organizational effectiveness. Mindmetrics offers coaching services using emotional intelligence and lifestyle coaching processes and support systems to help clients in areas other than work, through coaches certified in these areas. Assistance is offered to spouses and family counselling where required

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