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It is easy to measure and monitor performance results, than it is to monitor performance modalities. Modalities are in a sense precursor to results, and measuring modalities is a lead indicator to spotting potential problems with results. This is especially critical at higher levels as an effective board or TMT can steer a company to success, or vice versa.

Research shows that some degree of diversity, confrontation and conflict add to richness and productivity. Such diversity at the thought level is more critical, before it percolates down as directions or policies. The lack of diversity leads to patterned thinking, stale structures and tried –before strategies, with their own predictable impact on organizational climate. When organizational climate seems to be low, it is well to remember that the fish starts stinking from the top!

The peculiar circumstances of the TMT or Board are that they do not meet or deal with each other on a transactional basis day to day. While people in routine interaction daily may be more spontaneous, at the TMT and Board level, there is a likely hood that people who meet occasionally may tend to put cordiality as a top priority, as well as narrow focus of scope of work, limiting themselves to the “agenda of the day”: Their goals are also usually “fuzzy goals” and difficult to measure from the output point of view, and so it is measured from the input point of view.

This survey is designed to explore the personal interaction styles, especially those characteristics that lead to a “healthy functioning” of the TMT (Top management Team) or Board. This survey is usually not anonymous and is debriefed as a group rather than one on one, to provide for open discussions based on the results.

The output of this survey leads to clearing up parameters of performance and building better awareness of behavioral responsibilities, clearer scope of work and less fuzzy goals, and builds confidence in the members about the need to present themselves fully, with all their differences and that eventually leads to business benefits.

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