Typically, this is a long haul consulting with “we want to go from being this, to being that” being the client statement. The transformation work may run across more than a year with results changing the very vision/mission, top and bottom line, business areas, structures, processes and competencies of an organization. The organization is assessed for current status across multiple levels, transformation goals clarified, and road maps prepared to achieve the aspirational goals. The whole organization is involved in the transformation effort, facilitated by us, through several levels of strategic design, implementation, retraining and learning, structural redesign and social engineering. TMT and critical people in the organization are involved in discussions and workshops using Appreciative Inquiry and Double-loop Learning Techniques to clarify and enunciate the Vision, Values, Mission and Implementation path through Action research methodology.

Action plans for effectively communicating the vision and elucidating them, making them everyday realities, and creating task groups and implementation plans with a timeframe are also outcomes of the workshop. The outcomes are also conclusively linked to policies and business processes and results in a cascading fashion.

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