Organization-wide programs are those programs administered across the organization (though they may vary in depth and duration for various levels) so that everyone is on the same page; for instance organizational values or Customer Strategy, where irrespective of what role, department or level one is in, everyone needs to understand the core philosophy and have to be empowered with implementation mechanisms competencies appropriate for their level.

While the overall objective is the same, say customer Delight., the content is then “spun” for various functions, and the mix of value, concept, skill and behavior component of the program is different for different levels, from TMT to middle managers to front line sale people.


Vision / mission /strategy staircasing

Thinking pref and brain mapping

Conflict resolution and consensus building

Cultural Engineering

Building a strategic framework


Human Engineering Lab

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A high level Workshop, this includes critical people in the organization using Appreciative Inquiry and Double-loop Learning Techniques to clarify and enunciate the Vision, Values, Mission and Implementation path. This is one of the most multi sensory workshops, and caters to small or large groups, creating a committed, passionate atmosphere that engages all participants. Articulation can be visual, statement, metaphorical forms, or even using psychodrama to act out through group creation.

We use a "magic wall " exercise for reflection/ thinking and to create engagement, regardless of the size of the group. The process is entirely inclusive, and everyone's voice is heard, which is very essential for a buy-in in these areas of vision and strategy realization.

Action plans for effectively communicating the vision and elucidating them, making them everyday realities, and creating task groups and implementation plans with a timeframe are outcomes of the workshop. The outcome effectively links vision, mission, strategy, process and results in a cascading manner . This program is useful while reinventing the organization, , preceding a change in leadership, overcoming challenges in direction, preparatory to transformation exercises or to address the disconnect between vision and practice.

The offering is developed from principles of Nobel- Prize-winning studies in Brain functions. Using psychological inventories to map preferred thinking patterns of individuals, the course provides participants with an opportunity to understand the implications of their thinking styles and consequent behavior, on team members. It is very useful in high conflict situations to distinguish personal style clash from “role” clash and an exhaustive post-course workbook helps participants make significant behavioral changes.

The program is used in different contexts, for role clarification and streamlining structures, for mapping organizational competencies, for mapping customer clusters and developing customer strategy, for developing task forces and for personal development.

While it is impossible to remove conflict from organizational settings, it is possible and necessary to build a capability throughout the organization, to resolve disputes effectively, as and when they arise. Conflicts serve as an active substratum for creativity and diversity, and when well understood and leveraged, they lend teeth to an organization!

Mindmetrics offers specialized programs on consensus building that involve great and memorable experiential learning: One using feature films and group dynamic processes, another using the framework of thinking preferences and a third using NLP and neuropsychological framework for understanding and managing perceptions.

Organizational culture is not randomly created, nor is it a happening. It is always fostered. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

Social engineering is a structured way of building culture with Intentionality, and measurability. Specific factors that social research and organizational Behavior studies have demonstrated to have a positive impact in work place, can actually be embedded into the organizational cultural fabric. Different mixes of organizational values encourage a balance of different agents of Total Organizational Performance (TOP). In the absence of this measure, a corporate culture may run counter to professed values.

This is a workshop usually done in a flipped classroom style with the content given beforehand, and participants are encouraged to enter the learning room to actually create the solution. In this case, they engineer the culture and decide on metrics.

A unique and highly exciting workshop which moves from concept to skill to feeling to reflection to research in a flow and ending in a culture map and processes to be instituted.

A blend of consulting and training work, we help clients build a structured path between the business goal and the business practice/actions. Exposing senior management to several strategic frameworks/models and evaluating their fit-for-use for the client organization increases the strategic quotient of the organization as a whole.

It gives the organization a chance to make an informed decision on the choice of framework, trains all middle and senior managers on the same and lays the foundations for several vital processes such as Strategic Planning, Target Setting, Investment Planning, Market Planning (including Branding, Positioning, Competitive Strategy etc.), portfolio planning and Competency Building.

The program draws heavily on Marketing, organization Theory and Financial concepts besides strategy.

This is an intensive five-day residential workshop based on concepts of T - Group and sensitivity training, for individuals, especially key persons in organizations.

This is a very highly intensive program, conducted in a trusted environment with small groups, with a very well experienced facilitator. Team leaders, Organizational leaders, star performers who have difficulty in interpersonal effectiveness and those desiring to increase their “presence and impact “ benefit from this lab tremendously.