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Marketing & Customer Strategy

Recently, neuro-marketing techniques have emerged as useful and nearly fail-safe ways of understanding market/customer preferences and demands.

The edge we present is in our extensive use of neuroscience tools and techniques to strengthen marketing, right from understanding customer preferences to designing marketing communications and strategies for customer acquisition, retention and handling through mapping brain dominance, cognitive preferences and biases of customers. Our facilitators and researchers are certified in the use of these tools that take the guessing game out of marketing strategies.

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We offer services for creating a comprehensive GTM strategy for new products/services, including identifying the product-market segment, strata, size, addressability, competitive scenario, and product /brand position using neuro-marketing principles to map customer preferences

For multiple scenario analyses, we offer a series of strategy workshops using products such a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® that are useful for creating hands-on 3D strategy, with a neurological basis that is experiential. The workshop content is as close to reality as possible, with multiple potential scenarios analyzed to arrive at final strategies.

Our services include identifying the brand position, brand essence, attributes, and building the internal and external branding messages, arriving at a promotion strategy to create the overall Brand strategy. We involve the TMT and Product/market leaders of the concerned products/services in a series of workshops designed using neuropsychology inputs for this purpose and the outputs are used for designing brand communication, both internal and external. We use neuroscience inputs for classification and clustering of customers, preferences, patterns and evolve a communication strategy that targets the appropriate reception centers of the brain.

This creates alignment between product, brand, marketing sales and customer strategies.

We offer to devise Investment/divestment strategy: product wise investment strategy based on a portfolio approach taking into account product and market expansion strategies and growth potential. Planned investment helps manage profit and growth in a balanced manner.

It also helps in choosing strategies to hold/ increase/ divest market share and to create customer acquisition/ retention and handling strategies using Neuroscience techniques and tools.

A sound marketing strategy must include a clear customer strategy in such a way that it responds to the changes in customer perceptions and demands. By doing so, the marketing strategy would ensure that the products and services match the customer needs and develops a profitable relationship with the customers. Currently, neuromarketing studies have made it reliable to study customer preferences and create handling strategies.

We help create custom strategies using these cutting-edge tools across a vast customer base with relative ease, in a structured manner. The same neural framework can be used across a spectrum of marketing, support and sales activities, and also to create internal processes.

To keep reinventing themselves, we present our clients with several engaging learning and experiential solutions such as rediscovery workshops, 3D strategy workshops, Scenario games, brain mapping, thinking preference mapping and other sensory-based activities.