Assessments often create an atmosphere of nervousness among those profiled, creating a defensive atmosphere around the debriefing that follows. This is more pronounced when individuals are hand-picked. A better strategy is to integrate assessments into employee development strategy of competency mapping process, so that key jobs are profiled, and individual assessments are carried out simultaneously.

We undertake to do individual assessments, job match profiles, Aptitude or Psychometric testing, and assessment center valuation for individuals, integrating them into a comprehensive part of the employee development or competency mapping process, and linking them with appropriate measurements to ensure the goals of assessment are achieved.

We conduct assessment center valuations using state of the art facilities and inventories, specifically designed assignments, fish tank exercises and through certified facilitators if using standard Psychometric assessment inventories as part of the process.

Our services extend to debriefing, creating and monitoring developmental plans and measuring efficiency of the exercise.

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