Do employee engagement programs work? The proof is in the pudding, or the metrics, in this case. Engagement metrics themselves are just foreboders: the derivatives are more important.

We initiate the survey by going to the Intention: what was the hope and intention of creating the engagement practice, and is that being achieved? We measure both the level of engagement, and the impact of engagement on the business results and personal satisfaction areas for which they were put in in the first place.

If the organization has not clearly articulated the intentions and metrics, this is first done. Employee engagement parameters are clarified, checked for awareness and practice among employees . The survey collects data regarding perceived importance, usefulness, relevance, acceptance of employee engagement measures in existence if there are, or measure the indices of engagement present. These are then tested for correlation with expected outcomes of engagement parameters.
Different scales that are tested for reliability and validity are used. If the set of values have not been used on a reliable scale that is accessible, a new scale is constructed, tested statistically for reliability and validity to be used.

All surveys are administered online, with a debriefing before, and expected to be filled in anonymously except for function/ department. Results are collated in clusters as well as in aggregate to design appropriate remedial measures, or as input to a larger change management program.

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