Individual Programmes
Personal Mastery through Neuro Linguistic Programming

In the Nature vs. Nurture debate, the former is primarily centered around neurological differences in people. An understanding of the neuro-model of mind-body-behavior of successful people, and the step by step methodology of transferring them as techniques to everyone who aspires to be successful, is the basis core of the Personal Mastery program.

The program is centered around well-researched Eight Peak performance skills. Participants go through stages of identifying their own neurological scripts, understand their brain patterns and how to change them, in order to acquire the eight "peak performance skills", and retain a resourceful state of mind consistently. Several techniques from frameworks such as NLP and other Brain study areas are used. A 100% experiential programme, it is a life-changing experience.

Useful for all individuals wishing to gain better control over state of mind, reduce stress, and make significant and lasting behavioral changes that benefit them both personally and at work.