"Models for management seminars", a comprehensive, yet concise workshop of Managerial Effectiveness from Teleometrics can be conducted as a three and a half day workshop, or maybe done in specific half a day or one day modules that address specific aspects of management.

The modules covered are Management Values, Communication, Employee Involvement, Work Motivation, Empowerment, Management styles and Group Decision Making.

The program is arguably one of the most data based programes, and all modules include a process of exhaustive pre course work including self assessment, and assessment by team members.

During the course of the workshop participants learn management concepts through case studies, audio visual presentations and feature films, and fit personal data to the model, identify their own styles/practices and based on the awareness , choosing to change to a more effective pattern.

All modules contain rich audio-visuals/ film clips, classic case studies from Organizational Behavior studies and group exercises.