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The organization is seen as an entity which has several interlocking systems: individuals, teams, leaders and the total organization. Their interaction gives rise to organizational systems and business results.

To bring about changes in the performance area, these interlocking systems have to be addressed severally and collectively. Mindmetrics uses Consulting and Training approaches together to enhance organizational performance. The strength of the Consulting Practice comes from clarity in functional areas of business management. The strength of the Training Area comes from a core understanding of the cognitive function of the human brain, with all training offerings designed to maximize learning.

Our consulting approach focuses on custom built studies/surveys. Standardized tools/inventories are used for data collection and a rigorous analytical approach for arriving at appropriate recommendations. The approach is always from the desired result, to the study of current strategy/structure/systems and identifying gaps (The diagnostic phase), making recommendations (intervention phase) and implementing them through creating in-house change management teams.

The Training approach combines current understanding on Mind-Body system, Experiential Learning, Neuro-Psychological Discipline, NLP, Whole Brain Thinking and such areas. This effectively maximizes learning, as all programmes are administered in a way that can be easily assimilated by individuals, despite their differences. It also minimizes "transmission losses'" from classroom to work place.

Consultants each have over two to three decades across multiple vertical domains of industries.